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Bio: Till now we have told you about many types of business related to customer service center, such as how to become a bank friend or how to get a franchise of a post office. Today we are going to tell you about another such business, which you can open and provide service in your village or city.
The kiosk are a small internet enabled booth through which customers can perform various tasks related to the bank. Kiosks are being opened by banks of our country in many areas. So that people can easily do their bank work through them without going to a bank branch.

A kiosk machine is like an ATM machine, but where only the money can be withdrawn from the ATM machine, in addition to withdrawing money from the kiosk machine, money can be deposited through it and money can also be sent to any other account

How to work through kiosk banking

Those who will be opening kiosks also have to open No Frills Savings Bank accounts (without depositing any money) from the people. To do this, they will have to take people’s photos and their finger prints and send all these information to the concerned bank. At the same time, when this account will be opened by the bank, the person opening the account will be able to deposit their money through the kiosk branch, get it out and do other types of work related to the bank.

Under kiosk banking, a maximum of Rs 50,000 can be deposited in an account and daily transactions up to Rs 10,000 can be done. Therefore, if a customer has to deposit more than Rs 50,000, then he has to go to the bank branch and similarly if he has to withdraw more than 10 thousand money, then he will have to go to the bank branch.

People who have opened customer service centers can easily start kiosk banking service from their center. In fact, many banks have been associated with the customer service center scheme launched by the Government of India and are offering services of kiosks in these centers. On the other hand, people who are not bank friends need not be disappointed because any person can apply to get kiosk banking.
However, only those people who are at least 18 years of age and who have studied up to the minimum 12th standard can apply to open kiosk banking. Apart from this, that person should also have 100 to 200 square feet of space and should also have computer, printer and net facilities.

What Is A Payment Kiosk: Everything You Need To Know
A payment kiosk is a type of self-service kiosk that is able to receive a bill payment in exchange for a service or good rendered. An example of this is buying a ticket at a bus stop, where money is inserted, and a bus ticket is printed for you without having you interact with a bus station employee. The advantage of this is that this streamlined process allows companies to allocate their resources elsewhere while still being able to service a customer’s needs on their own terms.

A payment system is any system that is used to settle financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value. That is the technical definition, but the simplified version is that a payment system is any system designed to collect money in exchange for a good or service. Self-service kiosk implement this rather well, by providing a good or service, where the consumer can deposit cash or card to receive a good or service in exchange.

Fast Food-Fast food restaurants employ payment kiosks so that you can order food and pay for it either at the kiosk itself or at the front of the line when your order is ready.

Government-Government buildings employ payment kiosks for handling parking ticket exchanges or for payment of a pre-existing fee or fine.

Utility-Utility companies such as water and electric use payment kiosks to handle bill payments

Phone Companies-Similar to utility companies, phone companies use payment kiosks outside their offices to handle bill payments should a customer require them.

Banks-Banks employ payment kiosks to serve as intermediaries for their services. A customer can deposit or withdraw their money or pay for any fees from a self-service kiosk.

Health Care-Although most kiosks at hospitals are information kiosks, many are fitted with nfc and payment options. These payment options allow patients to pay their medical bills.

Corporate-Corporate companies use a wide variety of payment kiosks for exchanging vendor goods such as extra computer peripherals.

Transportation-Transportation companies utilize payment kiosks for handling ticket exchanges.

Benefits of Payment Kiosks
Payment kiosks illicit a wide array of benefits but the largest benefit would be customer freedom. By allowing payments to be self-automated, customers now enjoy a larger array of freedom when it comes to their purchasing power. Below are just a few additional benefits payment kiosks can bring to any business.

Cost Effective-principal benefit after customer freedom is the ability for kiosks to save on resources, most importantly, staff time. With many functions handled by a payment kiosk, customers can simply walk up, pay and leave, saving administrative staff or other employees a great deal of time.

Profitable-Since these services are automated, payment Kiosks are much more profitable than traditional means, as your kiosk will always attract customers, and since it is fast and simple, it can generate revenue with very little upkeep required.

Adaptable-Beyond just providing payment services, self-service kiosks can fit a number of roles such as wayfinding and information database.

Connectivity-Self-service kiosks are connected to a network, allowing them to be remotely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This advantage allows for new software patches and updates on the fly.

Quicker Service-Due to its ease of use, self service kiosks can be accessed by just about anyone, allowing for quick and easy interactions between the consumer and the company. In addition, having more functions regulated to the kiosks allows for the staff to assist with other functions, exponentially increasing the speed that a customer's needs are met.

Eye Catching-With many kiosks having large digital screens, this creates more draw to the place of business, increasing the customer base.

Active Interaction-Since the kiosks are self-service, this means that customers are an active participant in choosing their own needs, creating less error in choosing what they want instead of having to rely on a third party.

Improved Customer satisfaction-As stated previously, with quicker service, customer satisfaction needs are met at a higher pace, drawing in more repeat business as it is much easier for a customer to engage with a machine on their own terms

Types of Payment Kiosks
Outdoor-OUTDOOR KIOSKS are designed to provide their services in almost any weather condition, whether it be rain, sun or snow. These are typically freestanding models, with their design typically more robust than the indoor variants as much of the kiosk needs to be able to weather any condition and be durable enough to survive impacts from other sources to prevent tampering. Their large size also provides a large area for more attractive advertisements.

Outdoor-OUTDOOR KIOSKS are designed to provide their services in almost any weather condition, whether it be rain, sun or snow. These are typically freestanding models, with their design typically more robust than the indoor variants as much of the kiosk needs to be able to weather any condition and be durable enough to survive impacts from other sources to prevent tampering. Their large size also provides a large area for more attractive advertisements.

Indoor-More nimbly designed than the outdoor variants, INDOOR KIOSKS vary between freestanding models to small tablets. These designs are typically more popular with most industries due to their flexibility in size as they do not need to be as large as outdoor models.

Custom -Of course CUSTOM KIOSK MODELS exist for those that want the benefits of both outdoor and indoor variants. There are some kiosks that float in between these two types and any kiosk company is happy to build one based on your individual needs.

Where to buy a payment kiosk?
Payment kiosks can be purchased through a variety of credible companies. These kiosks can be customised to a large degree based on a company's needs and specifications. For custom models, many of these companies offer a discount for bulk orders.

Redyref Interactive can provide high quality kiosk designs no matter the specifications. They can provide digital kiosks that fit a wide spectrum of use, whether it is for wayfinding, payment or information-Redyref Interactive will happily build any kiosk to fit your needs.

While it is true that payment kiosks have limited some of the human interaction from typical transactions, it has also expedited many tasks that were less than desirable. This has made it better for everyone in the long run, with more customers willing to engage and be more comfortable around self-service kiosks rather than neglecting the task altogether. With automation, payment kiosks have changed how we do business, and in short, added more power back into the hands of the consumer.
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